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- Jitin verma

Hello, I have always been interested in the world of online marketing and have recently decided to pursue it as a career. I am still learning the ropes and have a lot to learn, but I am dedicated to putting in the work and effort to become a successful affiliate marketer. I am the founder of this site, & a Youtube channel @jitinverma. I've created these resources to share my experience, findings and really actionable content with the world.

JItin Verma

Retouching Expert and Affiliate Entrepreneur

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Before Proceeding...


Think, Do you really want to be a affiliate marketer? The Path is not so easy, I knew people they are waiting for sale even after 3 months. Even the person who gave me an idea about affiliate marketing was struggled a lot, but I was lucky and got my first sale in my first month. And then I was busy with my Image editing work and left Affiliate marketing! After a Year I am back again to continue! 


Partner with Affiliate Platforms whose products or services align with your own brand and audience.
This helps ensure that your promotion efforts are authentic and effective. So, choose Affiliate Platforms wisely.
My first affiliate Platform was Warriorplus, But I suggest -
Start with Clickbank or Digistore24. Make few sales and then join to other platforms. 


As an affiliate, it's your job to recommend products or services that will be of value to your audience. Take the time to research and understand the products or services you're promoting, and be honest about their features and benefits.
So always promote useful products.  


Use tools to track your affiliate sales and traffic so that you can see what's working and what's not. This will help you optimize your efforts and earn more commissions. Yes, few of these tools are free and you have to buy few of them. My friend, you have to invest your money to grow fast!

By following this mantra and staying focused on these key points, you can be successful in affiliate marketing and build a sustainable income stream. Always keep in mind, Action Taker = Money Maker! .

Who Am I

Hi, I am Jitin Verma, a photo/Image editor and retouching expert with an experience of over 9+ years. Over my career, I’ve worked with clients ranging from small photographic studios to Blue-chip Brands & Advertising Agencies. So, Yes you can call me a professional Retouching Expert.

Now, I am in Affiliate Marketing too! There is not much to say, as Affiliate marketing is still in my cooking pan and I am still adding Ingredients, spices and sauces to make it delicious!
" If Jitin is not a pro, why I am here? " (May be you're thinking)
And the Answer is..

The Biggest Problem, that we faced online was that whenever we purchase products, which were supposed to show us how to make money online, they always let us down!

The sales pages were so misleading and sadly a lot of people like you and me fall for this!

So, It was obvious that no one actually wanted to help others make money online, they just wanted you to buy their product and keep buying their product over and over.

The so called "Gurus" out there have psychologically triggered sales pages that sells you the dream of the financial freedom - that will trick the most sensible person to buy.

So, I realized this has to stop. I wanted to genuinely help people make money in an honest way! So whatever I will learn, and obviously if that thing make sense - I'll share here - So you can go ahead and save your time! And why should I will do it for you? Because you are going to buy from me using my affiliate link! Make Sense?

- Jitin